About Us

We're building a community of triathletes in Nashville who train, race, and socialize together. We welcome triathletes of all ages and abilities to come join us. Whether you're considering your first multisport event or preparing to qualify for Kona, we hope you'll come swim, bike, and run with us as we help foster the sport here in Middle Tennessee.


East Nashville Triathlon Club, first and foremost, offers a chance for Nashville-area triathletes to train together. We have a few scheduled workouts each month, and we hope the club can serve as a spark to get more triathletes in the area training together as we all work to reach our goals!


In addition to training together, East Nashville Tri also races together. We support each other at local races of all kinds and come together for "focus races" a few times a year. These focus races help align our training schedules and it's more fun to race with your fellow club members on the course with you!


Most importantly, we want to make sure triathlon stays fun for everyone. We're serious about training and racing, but we make sure to have time to get to know our teammates and have fun in others ways too. We periodically do social events throughout the year and sometimes go for coffee and donuts after workouts!